I’ve been training with Damien since early 2009 and while my fitness level went increasing steadily I did not see much of the benefits in terms of weight loss. I had never been considered really a fat guy but for my height and weight I knew I needed to lose a bit of weight.

… and I had a bit of a hint that food and drinks had something to do with it. My diet wasn’t that bad; in general I avoided junk food and mostly cooked at home but clearly I needed some extra help. So I decided to meet with Amy and it was probably my best decision of this year.

Amy took the time to listen to me and identified the key points in my usual diet that I needed to work on. She set up clear indications of what a balanced diet for me could look like and gave me the right guidelines to follow. While it took a bit of time to adjust to those recommendations (I think I actually gained a kilo or two in the first weeks) Amy was there to analyze with me what I was doing right and what needed improvement as part of the ongoing support she provided. Any question I had she was there to answer.

Once I got the diet right and my metabolism fired up, I started slimming down as though I was melting.

Eventually from the first time I saw her until our last assessment (a bit more than a 2 month period) I had lost 5kg and reduced my waist line by close to 10cm- apparently that’s a great achievement on the paper but most importantly I felt much better in my body and my fitness jumped a level – ask Damien!

And it doesn’t stop here, Amy’s recommendations are not aimed at a short term diet, they are guideline for a sustainable healthy diet. And truly that’s the way it works for me. I have changed my habits and it is now almost natural to keep following the same routine. It’s been another 2 months since our last meeting and I have lost another 4kg and 4cm in waist line. The great thing is that I can still enjoy some extras from time to time and if I ever go through a prolonged time of reduced exercise and more food indulgence (say a holiday in the US…) I know exactly what I’ve got to do after to get back on track and now without almost any effort to make.

The only bad thing: I have had to throw away almost all of my old jeans and get all of my suit pants resized… 

Scott Burgoyne

When I first joined the gym I sort the advice of a personal trainer. Natalie helped me get an exercise program in place that suited my needs. After this I arranged to get advice from Amy McKendrick a nutrition coach about my diet. When I first meet Amy I weight 103Kg and my body fat was 31%. I had headaches daily, sleeping problems and other health issues. We spoke about my current diet which I thought most of it was not too bad. What I discovered and learnt was that I was eating all the wrong foods / combination in my meals. A new healthy eating plan was put into place and I started taking Juice Plus+. Over the next 6 weeks I received constant support and continued advice about my diet and the food choices I made. Not to mention the additional recipes that kept food different and interesting. After 7 weeks of sticking to the exercise and life changing diet my weight came down to 96kg and my body fat at 27%.

Three months on since I first meet Amy my weight is now 89Kg and body fat 23%. I have not had a headache in 10 weeks, my sleeping at nights is sound, my skin has a healthy glow and my confidence has sky rocked with people’s comments, although the biggest benefit is the increased energy levels and the way I generally feel. I have now learnt how to make smart choices with my eating and that to live a healthy life you must combine a healthy diet with your exercise plan. You can’t have one with out the other. The results I have accomplished so far were far greater, and achieved faster than I thought could be possible. This is due to the knowledge and support from Amy to put in place a correct eating plan, as well as a good steady fitness program and so would recommend anyone wishing to lose weight or improve their diet to seek Amy’s advice, stick to it, don’t give up and make your goals a reality.

After having my second child in January 2007, I was feeling very uncomfortable about my weight and the fact that I had nudged up to a size 16, so I decided to join Fitness First at Randwick in March. 
It was my personal trainer that suggested that if I was serious about losing the weight I needed to also look at my diet and she referred me to Amy.
During our first meeting we spent time talking about what my goals were and my current eating habits. Amy also outlined the Eating for Life Principles and I made my shopping list for the recommended foods and got started! The biggest learning curve for me was to ensure my portion sizes were right. My diet had not been too unhealthy before, but I was just eating too much food. The food diaries were invaluable at getting started and feedback about each meal and combination of food for the day. Writing it all down does focus your mind, and given I was trying to lose weight I was still eating lots of great wholesome food and rarely felt hungry. Also, having a day off each week meant you could indulge a little – for me it was always chocolate! Having reached my goals (I have lost 15kg), the way of eating I learnt from Amy has become a way of life. I feel fantastic, have more energy and my metabolism has had a real boost. I cannot eat the portions I once did and have learnt to stop eating before I get that too full feeling.
Amy has encouraged me every step of the way and together with my personal trainer (Andrea) we (as a team) achieved great results. I am in the best shape I have been in since my early 20’s! I feel great, and am enjoying lots of compliments from friends and family about my new figure. The money I invested in a nutrition coach was so worth it. There is little point spending hours in the gym if you are not maintaining a healthy balanced diet that will support your body and help you to achieve results much faster. (Check out Esther’s before and after shots here)