Step 1  75 minute consultation, either in the comfort of your own home or your favorite cafe.  You’ll leave this consult with an understanding of Whole Foods and a clear plan of what you need to do to eat better and accelerate your results. You’ll be able to implement the strategies straight away.You also have the option of a body composition assessment
Step 2 Over the next four weeks you will email me your food diaries. I will score each meal out of 10 and provide feedback on what worked well and what could have made it even better!You will receive recipe ideas, nutrition articles to improve your knowledge and my monthly newsletter.Together we will have you making the necessary changes rather than simply promising to!Regular exercise will assist you in experiencing increased Vitality!
Step 3 2 weeks to prove to yourself that you can go it alone!Though I won’t ask to see your food diary’s I would still like you to record food for your self.  I will be available via email or phone for any questions or support. This is crunch time you will begin to set Sustainable Lifestyle Habits’
Step 4 30minute consult to review your resultsYou’ll now be ready and able to eat the way you should for better health, weight loss and general wellbeing.You will continue receiving my facebook updates and blogs as well as a monthly newsletter and I will always be there for continued support!