About Amy

A qualified Nutrition Coach
Amy McKendrick has devoted her life to teaching people how to eat for health and vitality.  She studied at the Nature Care collage and has over 8 years in the Fitness industry. Amy works alongside many personal training businesses around Sydney providing their clients with the nutritional support they need for success and results.

A range of options
Through her corporate food seminars, group work shops, one on one program, online recipes, tailored shopping lists and weekly food planners Amy has many easy ways to teach you how to achieve Sustainable Results that become Lifestyle Habits.

A philosophy that gets results
Amy’s ‘Whole Food’ philosophy means that food is colorful, fun and abundant!  She will teach you that knowing correct nutrition counts for 70% of your fat loss is important but infact slimness is simply a by product of good health. 

A dedicated coach
Devoted to teaching holistic nutrition principles that create good health from the inside out.  Amy’s 6 week food diary program will teach you how to choose perfect foods for your metabolism which will allow you to achieve maximum energy, slimness and vitality. Making sure you truly receive a wellness experience!

Contact Amy today to find out how you can  Get Fit with Food.