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For skin to be glowing and sexy – it needs to be healthy. You can’t expect to be drinking wine every night, eating Thai takeaway and then slathering on La Mer to make up for it. Beautiful skin takes work from all angles, inside and out. Nutritionist Amy McKendrick knows only too well that the skin’s lustre, tone and vibrancy are related to what we eat. “A bad diet will prematurely age your skin. Skin cells are in constant turnover and your whole outer layer regenerates monthly. You need to be regularly feeding your cells with nutrients that restore and protect,” explains McKendrick.

We need to drench our skin cells in healthy ‘good’ fats, amino acids, plant enzymes, antioxidants, natural vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to enhance skin’s condition and therefore its appearance. Amy encourages a natural diet predominantly of wholefoods to help your busy body perform all these skin-loving tasks:

– Neutralise the effects of free radicals, which attack skin cells
– Regenerate and protect skin cells
– Reduce inflammation
– Boost collagen and elastin production
– Stimulate the circulation to your skin’s surface.

So what are the superfoods to get the job done and give us velvet soft and crystal clear skin?

Top 5 Superfoods for Super Smooth Skin

1. berries – the wrinkle fighters

Bright and luscious berries are jam-packed with vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants that help slow down the ageing process. “Berries are high in anti-ageing polyphenols and also contain antioxidants called proanthoctanidins, which are potent, free radical scavengers. They help boost collagen’s ability to repair,” says McKendrick.

Amy’s Serving Tip: Throw a handful of blueberries, strawberries or raspberries in your morning smoothie or add them to natural muesli for breakfast. Try them mixed with nuts and organic yoghurt as a snack.

2. broccoli – elastic fantastic

The humble broccoli contains the highest levels of antioxidant Vitamins A and C than any other food, plus cancer-fighting chemicals. McKendrick explains that Vitamin C helps skin elasticity and bruising prevention, while Vitamin A boosts resistance to infections and therefore acne. “Broccoli also contains powerful phytonutrients that enhance the action of your own detoxifying enzymes,” says McKendrick.

Amy’s Serving Tip: Lightly steam broccoli and drizzle with a little olive oil.

3. avocados – soft & supple

Girls worry about the fat content of avocadoes but the fact is, the fat they contain is extremely important monounsaturated fat: essential for soft, supple skin and a healthy body. Avocadoes are loaded with phytonutrients and contain the master antioxidant and detoxifier, glutathione. Glutathione helps cleanse your body of dangerous oxidised fats and neutralise free radicals that can cause cell damage.

Amy’s serving tip: “Avocadoes are one of my favourite foods and I keep them in the house at all times. They are so versatile as you can have them in any meal of the day. Try with sourdough bread, tomato and egg for brekky, in a salad or on a sandwich for lunch instead of butter,” says McKendrick.

4. olive oil – smooth operator

McKendrick explains that olive oil is brimming with monounsaturated fats and antioxidants called polyphenols, which make it a daily anti-ageing must do. Olive oil is skin’s little helper: it promotes a smooth, radiant complexion; helps maintain elasticity of skin; heals dry, brittle nails; softens cuticles and gets your hair shining. Olive oil is very high in antioxidants, including vitamin E, so it will guard your body and skin.

Amy’s serving tip: Slather organic olive oil straight onto your skin and rub it into your nails. Mix it with apple cider vinegar and lemon juice then drizzle on your steamed veges and salads. “Make sure you buy cold pressed extra-virgin olive oil as it’s unrefined and don’t overheat it,” says McKendrick.

5. salmon – the anti-ager

Salmon, especially wild salmon, is extremely high in the face-friendly Omega-3 fatty acids. The essential fatty acids in wild salmon battle collagen-damaging free radicals and help smooth out fine lines. Omega 3 also helps in the process of human growth hormone production – this anti-ageing hormone helps boost new cell growth.

Amy’s serving tip: Eat fresh fish like wild salmon, ocean trout or mackerel at least 3 times per week. Have it baked, grilled or as sashimi.

So remember, your skin might look pretty right now but your daily diet has a cumulative effect on your body and therefore your skin. Bad food choices plus lots of dehydrating alcohol and coffee can show up in days, months or even years as age spots, wrinkles and premature ageing. Try and incorporate our 5 superfoods packed with phytonutrients and antioxidants into your diet and your skin will be amazing for years to come.

For more information make an appointment with Amy today!