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A long hard day at work, an argument with your spouse, an unrealistic deadline set by the boss and daily life stresses can sometimes lead us to turn to food for comfort.  To reduce this, give you eating some structure – three meals plus two snacks a day, as well as following some common sense tips will help stop you reaching for the junk food!

• No skipping meals – you’ll just overeat later
• Try not to go more than four hours without food – becoming really hungry can trigger a binge
• Don’t ban any food or drink – labeling foods as ‘forbidden’ only makes you want them more.
• Stop obsessing over the fat, carbs or protein in food – choose wholesome, natural foods you know make you feel good
• Allow yourself ‘junk’ foods in small quantities – as you realise that you can have them occasionally, you’ll probably find you don’t want them as much as you thought you would.
• Look for other means of dealing with your emotions – move out of your comfort zone and try something new like meditation, yoga or learning relaxation techniques.
• Surround yourself with people who influence your eating and lifestyle in a positive and healthy way.
If you feel that you need some external help dealing with this issue, I would recommend seeing an NLP mind coach. Check out the Facebook page ‘My Mind Coach’ and like her page. You will get some great tips. you can even sign up for her free newsletters.